Safari tours

The hotel offers a wide range of day and multi day trips to the desert the near by Oasis and surrounding sites of antiquities , you can choose whether you want to go by car / camel or whether you prefer to walk ,excellent bilingual guides will accompany you ,please contact us for detailed information :

You can choose from the following :

Jeep car 4x4 trips:

  1. Local one day tours.
  2. From Bahariya to white desert 1 to 4 night safaris.
  3. From Bahariya to cave 3 nights 4 days.
  4. From Bahariya to oasis ( Farafra – Dakhla _ Kharga ) 6nights – 7days.
  5. From Bahariya to Siwa Oasis 3 nights – 4days .
  6. From Bahariya to Siwa ( off road) 6nights – 7days.
  7. From Cairo to Siwa – Bahariya 3nights- 4days.
  8. From Cairo to ( El-Rayian valley ) off road –Wadi Hitan – Bahariya.

Camel trips :

  1. 5 nights – 6 days
  2. 3 nights – 4 days
  3. one day

Hiking trips :

  1. 5 nights – 6 days
  2. 3 nights – 4 days

Special offers : we specialize in customized tours:-

  1. Trips from Bahariya to great sand sea & Gilf El-kepeer
  2. Bedouin nights in desert for Christmas celebrations .
  3. Cultural events :

The hotel can arrange typical Egyptian Bedouin entertainment with music & dances

for your personal celebrations (birth day , wedding …etc )

as well as out door B.B.Q, dinner in the sand dunes .

for more detailed information please contact us.

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